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Having a stressful day? Need a break? Congratulations! You’ve reached your new favorite site for relaxation! Here we present you with videos, 360 images, stress management and self-hypnosis techniques, hypnotic images, and music that will relax and calm your mind and body. This site is free!

We only ask that if you enjoy this site and are receiving relaxing benefits – please help us to continue to develop and improve by offering a donation.
If this is something you can do please  Donate here!


But enough talk!


Press here to start:

But before you Start here are some simple directions to follow:

Start your relaxation session by scrolling down the page to the Menu located -out of sight - on the lower half of each page.

Make your menu selection.**  Some of the pages will include the natural sound effects - some start immediately – others you will need to press the play / mute button: 


Now just scroll up! This will hide the menu under your selection. 

Member pages  Free memberships include a music menu – select your music track and adjust the volume at the top of the music menu. The music automatically moves to the next track for your convenience – as this will allow you to extend your session for as long as you like!      


Get comfortable in your chair. Both feet flat on the floor and hands resting comfortably.


**Mobile phones, older computers and/or outdated browsers may have some difficulty with the videos and 360 images.
The C
hrome browser is recommended. All videos are HDTV ready - for the ultimate experience view on your Smart TV!


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