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Members Tips /  Instructions

Included in your Free membership is a music catalog (menu bar example above) containing relaxing classical music, soft jazz and nature sounds, which include brook, pond, rain, wind, waterfall, thunder, and oceans sounds.

Scroll down the page to find the music menu – select a music or sound effects track then adjust the volume at the top of the music menu.          (computers only)

Members viewing on mobile devices will simply use their device's volume controls for sound adjustment.

The music automatically moves to the next track for your convenience – this will allow you to extend your session for as long as you like!     


Select your session from the Members Home Page. There are different types of sessions from which to choose.


The Relaxation/Entertaining sessions are sessions with relaxing videos, fun  & cute animal videos, animations, and 360 immersion scenes. With the Free membership, you have a  choice of music to add to your session. (See the STARTING YOUR SESSION INSTRUCTIONS section below).

The Progressive Muscle Relaxation session is a deep muscle relaxing technique – you are guided to tense then relax various muscle groups – this session will leave your body feeling relaxed and peaceful. As with any of the techniques always go at your own pace – never “overdo it” – if you have any pre-existing discomfort in any of your muscles – go gently with these muscles while practicing this technique - we NEVER want to create pain during a session.



The Autogenic training (AT) technique teaches your body to respond to verbal commands. These commands "tell" your body to relax and control breathing, blood pressure, heartbeat, and body temperature. The goal of AT is to achieve deep relaxation and reduce stress.



The Hypnosis sessions take you into a highly responsive state of consciousness in which you receive positive motivating suggestions and/or directions to create positive changes in your life. We offer both Vocal and Visual induction methods (Induction is the process undertaken to establish a highly responsive state of consciousness).

With the vocal method, your eyes are closed as you are talked into the deeply relaxed hypnotic state; with the visual method, you watch a hypnotic image and slowly close your eyes as they start to feel heavy and you continue to listen to your selected session.



Make your session selection from the Members Home Page. For all the sessions be sure you are sitting comfortably in front of your computer monitor or Smart TV.   


Your selected session’s nature sounds (most sessions) or directed speech
(Hypnosis or Stress Management/Relaxation session) will start automatically within several seconds.  

If you want to add 
music from the music 

                                    Press the pause button


Select music from the Music Catalog.

Be sure to adjust the music volume at the top of the menu.    


Add the nature sound / directed speech back by releasing the pause button!


Get comfortable in your chair. Both feet flat on the floor and hands resting comfortably. ENJOY!


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